How to gain weight

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Sometimes the difference between slimness and thinness is very relative and the desire of some women to gain a few pounds seems to be nothing more than an eccentric whim. But the problem of insufficient weight really exists.

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There are a few programs which help women who wish to obtain a desirable shape to flesh out without doing harm to their health.

All of these programs are based on the combination of improving the ration and developing the course of physical training.

Insufficient weight problem is caused by:

• heredity
• too fast metabolism
• gastrointestinal tract
• hyperfunction of thyroid gland
• serious consequences of diseases
If you suffer the problem of insufficient weight and have decided to gain a few pounds we will give you some simple advice on how to develop the right diet program.

But before you follow our advice you have to visit a doctor to check whether these tips are helpful for your particular organism or not.

If you have no health problems you may start.
• Eat little but often. The best regime is to eat 6-8 times a day (including all meals and snacks) making intervals for 2-3 hours.

• Have snacks between meals.

Opt for nourishing food: nuts, dried fruit, avocado, bananas, chocolate, etc.


• Establish a daily regime – eat at certain hours every day.

• Have something nourishing before going to bed, but don’t eat too much as your last meal can affect the way you sleep.

• Whet your appetite with meat snacks, stocks and mushroom soups.

• Use spices (karri, ginger, black pepper) and herbs (bay leaf, thyme, basilica) when cooking meals for yourself.

• Go for walks before bedtime.

• Protein is needed for your muscles that is why include meat, fish, legumes, eggs and nuts into your diet (these contain pretty much of protein).

• Increase the amount of fats in your ration. Eat more fat meat, fish, eggs, oil and butter, sour cream.

• Have more cereals. Cook porridge from oats, rice, millet. Add butter, jam or honey into your porridge.

• Cook your favorite meals, treat yourself!

• You can go for pastry: pies, cakes, cookies, pancakes.

• Drink sweet juices.

• Eat fruit and berries, opt for sweet ones.

• Don’t forget about vegetables as your organism needs vitamins.

• Diversify your ration. Cook a new unusual meal.

• Lay the table beautifully, fantasize. It is proved that if a person is in good mood while eating the digestion goes better.

• Choose for bigger plates and eat bigger portions than before.

• To make the process of eating more interesting ask your relatives or friends to eat with you. Visit restaurants, drink tea with your colleagues.

• Do exercises which do not require much waste of energy. Gym exercises and yoga are the best.

Gaining weight is not as difficult as keeping it.

To avoid losing those pounds make this eating regime a regular thing.

Do not ignore training, it is very helpful. Specialist say a pound a month is an optimal result for a normal woman’s organism.

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