How To Build Body You Always Wanted Fast

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Okay, the title may sound a little more promising than it is in reality but hear me out. You’ve been wanting to be fit and lean and toned for at least the last couple of months. It could’ve been the bikini season fever or something else entirely but you’ve been thinking about going to the gym and maybe eat a little healthier. Here is the fastest way to get tangible results without making too many mistakes by going in circles.

Tips For Building Body You Always Wanted



Want quickest possible (also quality) results while eating whatever you want? There is definitely a way to do that. Will you have to restrict yourself? Absolutely. But as long as you are in a caloric deficit and exercising you can get away with eating pizza, ice cream, and your other favorite foods. Just make sure you eat enough protein (1,5-2 g of protein per kilo of your weight) and train at least three times a week using moderate weights.

When people think about counting calories they see it as a chore and “exhausting” but many who try clean eating end up consuming junk food anyway justifying it by the fact that they’ve been good all week and exercised. Well, guess what? Dieting doesn’t have to be all about restrictions if you just take a few minutes to log your menu for the day and weigh your food before eating it.

Alright, what sounds more fun? Tracking calories and macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, and fat) while eating bread, pasta, and sometimes pie or eating “clean” without even knowing if you are really in a calorie deficit hoping it works out?

There will always be the control factor. You can’t escape that. But if restricting “bad” foods works for you, then by all means do it. If not, however, look into calorie counting.

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If you are new to weightlifting then you are in luck. You’ll be able to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time and your muscle gain will be that much faster than that of a seasoned trainee. Use this period to build some muscle so that you are happy with your body composition. Some like bigger muscles while others don’t want to look manly. The latter you really don’t have to worry about because you’ll have to train much harder and enhance yourself with various hormones and steroid drugs in order to build a man’s sized bicep.

The first six months are crucial for newbie gains. They will stop as your body gets adjusted to weight training so use it wisely to build the areas you are most concerned about. For some it’s butt and thigs while for others the problem area is their stomach. While the latter is definitely made in the kitchen, the sixpack will grow if you do cable weight crunches.

The heavier or the slimmer you are the easier it is for you to just go for the mass. The only difference is that a heavy girl will need a calorie deficit while the slim one a calorie proficit. For those of us in between, you have to decide whether you want to build muscle or shed fat first. Those who don’t have many excess pounds can go for the mass, especially if they want to be more muscle-y, while those who just want to be smaller and slender can go for a more cardio-based conditioning type of training. Just remember that only weight training will help you sculpt your body, make it firmer, and smoother so regardless of your goal it is generally a good idea to incorporate some weight training into your regimen.

This is by far the fastest (four weeks to notice results) and most effective way to get in shape long-term. Paradoxically, the more muscle mass you have the smaller and firmer (but also smoother) you look.

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