How to Battle Nicotine Addiction

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Nicotine Addiction as any addiction is not only chemical, but partially psychological. Although that would seem impossible, with certain motivation and goals you can quit smoking! It is important to pay attention to the psychological aspects of the nicotine addiction and give something healthy to your body instead. So, today we are battling nicotine addiction together!

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How to Quit Nicotine Addiction

First of all, think about the reason you need to quit smoking, apart from the vague thought that it is unhealthy. Generalized thoughts usually have no effect as they are not working in each individual case. Think of the concrete reasons why you need to quit smoking: health condition, pregnancy, and other serious reasons. Your commitment should be solid, that is why you need a serious reason.

Set a particular date when you will completely quit smoking, but it should not be a month away! If you smoke a lot, and then suddenly stop it, your organism would not perceive it and the cravings will eventually break you. Instead, slowly reduce the amount of cigarettes per day to eventually stop.

quit smoking

What you also need in battling nicotine addiction is support from your friends and social environment, so it is important to tell your social circles that you quit. The moral support is really important in battling the addictions. When your family knows about your problem, it will be easier for them to abstain from smoking in your presence and support you socially.

You need to pay a very close attention to times when you feel the urge to smoke. Once you figure out why you need to smoke, perhaps you could eliminate these reasons completely or at least make a healthy substitute for the cigarette. There are also patches that supposedly help to quit smoking, but without motivation they are useless.

In general, to battle the nicotine addiction you need to change your unhealthy choices to healthy ones: let’s say that every time you need to smoke eat a fruit instead. Good luck with battling nicotine addiction!

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