Home Fight against Cellulite

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The cellulite problem bothers the bulk majority of women world wide. But what probably makes me take it easier is that there are ways to get rid of it.

Home Fight against Cellulite

Cellulite is the thing to be treated complexly including your meals, physical exercises, cosmetics and massage.

So try to follow the following advice:


Here’s the list you’d better strike off your food ration as it causes the lipopexia and damages the under skin layer.

  • Fried potato;
  • Deep-fried potatoes;
  • Pork;
  • Sweets;
  • Giant portions of farinaceous food;
  • Bananas – don’t overdo with them – the fruits impede water in the body;
  • Margarine;

Healthy Salad

  • Lessen salt, sugar and butter to the minimum limit;
  • Never set for the kind of diet like “less food – less fat”. The weight you loose rapidly, will be gained half as much. Don’t rush for the 50 lb a month results;
  • Plan your meals beforehand. Try the fruits and vegetables to be the main part of your ration;
  • Also include rice, fish, cheese, yoghurt into there;
  • Get the meals often but of small portions;
  • Drink water and juices instead of coffee and tea.

Physical exercises:

If you’re eager to conquer the cellulite problem, fight till the very end! The following exercises ill be able to tone up your muscles and loose some excessive kilos.


  • Take a position on your fours. Strain the buttocks and stretch out the tiptoes and try a leg swing. The movements’ amplitude shouldn’t be huge. Practice 20-30 waves for every leg.

Home Workout

  • Lie down and bend your knees putting the arms alone the body. Strain the buttocks and pull them up. Repeat it 20-30 times.


Exercise squatting! Press the heels to the floor tightly, keep the hips in parallel with the floor either, watch your back to be straight and your legs at the same line with the shoulders.

Chairsquat Exercises

You can do squatting without the weight for 20-30 times.
Practice squatting with the weight for 10-30 times.

The abs:

  • Lying on the floor, lift the straight line legs up 10-50 times. This exercise trains the lower abdominals.

Abds Exercises

  • For the upper and middle abdominals try raising your upper body from the lying position with your feet held by someone of with your knees bent a bit.

Cosmetics and massage:

First of all you should remember that all the scrubs, anticellulite creams, gels and other stuff of this kind effect only the upper layer of fat under the skin. They do tone up your skin but don’t erase the orange skin.

So combine these products with massage. And after every massage session apply the anticellulite creams.

Believe me, dear ladies, you’ll see the results in a week already! I know what I recommend!

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