Getting slim without affecting bust

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Beautiful bust is something a woman feels proud of. But when warm seasons approach we all wish to look slimmer and torture ourselves with lots of various diets keeping in mind the only thought – I want to be slim!

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There is nothing wrong with being slim of course but when women start dieting many of them notice the breast becomes smaller.

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But breast is the part of our body we will never want to look smaller! So, the question is: are there any ways to avoid this tendency and still have tempting sexy curves while our waist will be pretty close to an ideal size?

First of all you need to know why breast gets smaller. When going on a diet a woman tries to restrict the amount of food and water consumed. Breast contains not only muscles and fat but a mammary gland as well. So the gland dehydrates and as a result shrinks a bit.

Thus the diet and exercises should be considered to details so that muscles and mammary gland are not affected whilst the fat disappears. Only a balanced diet and regular training can do that.

To make the bust elastic and beautiful women should press up on the regular basis. Try to avoid dehydrating.
When a woman does muscle-strengthening exercises she spends about 300 calories. To compensate the loss drink 300 ml of water each time you exercise. But this should be water not tea or juice.

One of the signs you suffer dehydration are dark circles under your eyes. However, sometimes dark circles under eyes say you have hyper hydration. People who suffer that should avoid drinking during training sessions.

A diet should be chosen based on peculiarities of every person’s organism. But there are some which can be used by many people without any harm to their health.


Try to include into your ration the meals which contain over 12% of fats, and no more than 50% of carbohydrates, the less, the better, 30-40% is optimal.

The diet you see below is good for everyone unless you have allergy to the components. The diet promises the drop of 3 kilos for 3 days.

You will need only two products: shrimps and apples. You can eat them in the amount you want.
Boil shrimps in salty water and then eat them together with apples, – any apples you like. Drink tea, coffee (without sugar), mineral water and juices.

That is all for now, my dear readers. Hope you like the advice!

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