Get Your Buttocks Ready For Summer!

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There is no secret that we ladies want to look feminine and sporty all the year round but the fact is that May and the whole summer we are supposed to wear short tops, shorts and light chiffon dresses that emphasize our slender figure.


Don’t waist your time on purchasing and testing various products that can tone up your buttocks and melt your cellulite. There are no miracles, but the complex approach can help to look irresistible. Few easy exercises in comb with healthy eating can boost your buttock.

1. Brisk walking. Instead of walking slowly between the supermarket shelves, get your butt in gear and go to tone up your muscles with active walk, straining them.

2. Hold up the tension. If you seat at the table in the office, in the chair at home, making up or something, you can easily practice some isometric exercises: hold yourself upright and toughen your buttocks muscles, hold it toughened for some seconds and relax. Repeat it 5-10 times.

Buttocks toning up

3. Perfection. This one is perfect for the quick morning exercises. Lying on the stomach, lift up your right hand and left leg simultaneously. Then the left hand and right leg. Watch your back. It shouldn’t sag hard. Belly muscles should be strained.

4. Up and down. One of the best exercises is still the crunches. Bend your knees, put your hands behind the head and strain your buttocks muscles. Lift up the torso to your bent knees and back to the floor, but not lie down.

5. Strong soft place. One of the effective exercises that train your butt muscles is squatting. Hold a doorknob with both hands and slowly bend back as if you want to take a seat. The upper part of the body remains straight.

Bottom toning up

6. Express-lifting. Lie down on the back, bend your knees and lift up the pelvis and thorax so that the thighs, bottom, back and knees line up. Stay in this position for 5 minutes. In addition you can straight one of the legs. Repeat the exercise for 10-20 times.

7. Water run. Perhaps this exercise is pleasant to practice on summer, however any other time of the year will be good as well. It’s easy and wholesome: just enter the water (approximately to your breast level) and run! It’s easy to see that your bottom tones up quickly. This sort of the exercises is recommended to people suffering some injuries as it doesn’t overload the joints.

Train your body and be beautiful!

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