Exercises for Fit and Toned Upper Arms

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Exercises for Fit and Toned Upper Arms

As we age our upper arms get flabby, show excess skin and unflattering shape. If you think it’s inevitable and the only solution is long-sleeved tee keep reading and find out about easy exercises that will make your upper arms look fit and toned. Include couple of the following exercises into your daily workout and you’ll have sculpted beautiful arms without flab and excess skin because arms should get the same attention as tummy and butt.

Unflattering upper arms also known as bat wings or bingo wings are a problem to many women. They usually result from lack of muscle, excess overall body fat and lack of exercise. There are exercises with and without weights that will help you get rid of the flabby arms and tone up your muscle and skin if you are persistent and determined to do so. With some effort you will soon see the results of your hard work. Of course, if you have excess body fat these exercises should be combined with healthy diet and exercises that target weight.

Push ups

Exercises for Fit and Toned Upper Arms

This old and familiar exercise targets and strengthens arms. It might be hard at first so before you get used to it and your body gets stronger you can concentrate your weight on your knees, not toes. Thus it will be easier for starters and since this exercise doesn’t require any additional equipment a little dedication and regularity will yield their results.


Exercises for Fit and Toned Upper Arms

Boxing and martial arts are not only the great way to loose overall weight but also tone up your arms making them fitter and stronger. In order to do it right you can take couple of lessons from professional trainer on how to do jabs and punches right in order not to injure yourself. 10 minutes a day and you’ll get the results quick enough. You can then also increase the time for this exercise after you have learned how to do it right.

Adding Weights

Exercises for Fit and Toned Upper Arms

When just starting choose lighter weights to prevent injury. Take a single weight and hold it above your head slowly moving it behind your head. Switch hands. You can also take a single weight in both hands and do the same for your both arms. But remember to give your muscles a rest every other day to let them recover.

Remember that upper arms exercises are most effective when combined with good cardio workout and healthy diet. No matter whether you do exercises with weights or not there must be some sort of regularity to them in order for them to work. Do not overdo exercises, especially those that involve weights but also don’t get too many day offs.

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