Exercise to look like Penny Lancaster

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Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster are known for their perfectly fit bodies. But how do they achieve that? By regular exercising, of course!

rod stewart penny lancaster

The couple works out up to five times a week and the results are impressive as you can see. Their personal trainer of eight years, Gary O’Connor, says they are both extremely dedicated to regular training.

He said:

Rod’s in incredible shape. He’s 64 with the body of someone 20 years younger – he still plays football and likes to exercise at least five times a week. She’s very powerful and athletic. She’s also an exceedingly strong swimmer. Penny and Rod are fans of workout moves including squats, press-ups, lunges and step-ups.”

The 38-year-old model says they have become so fit due to their trainer. He also helped Penny to get back into shape after the birth of her son, Alastair, in November 2005.

She said:

Gary worked hard with me after I gave birth to Alastair, nearly four years ago – and again before I appeared on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ two years ago.”

So, girls, exercise has never been considered harmful, why not follow in the footsteps of the famous couple then?

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