Essential Tips to Make your Bust Bigger

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Beautiful bust is what women always dream of. But if after feeding your child your bust lost its form or nature didn’t endow you with beautiful big breasts don’t get upset as all is not lost! I’d like to share essential tips to make your bust bigger without costly plastic surgery procedures! But remember that all the mentioned below tips should be made as a whole, otherwise all the efforts would be in vain.

Estrogen Diet

Many foods can modify hormone level of human organism to imitate the conditions associated with lactation. It may help to improve the volume of breast tissue. And here we will need food that is rich exactly in chemical similar to estrogen. And first in estrogen diet list is fennel as bulbs and seeds of this plant contain a high concentration of natural chemicals that are very similar to abovementioned estrogen.

Essential Tips to Make your Bust Bigger

Licorice root is rich in estrogen-like chemicals as well. So being used traditionally to improve breast milk production, this miraculous plant can make your bust bigger by means of simulating the inflow of blood and fat to your bust.

And surely known to everyone dear old soya is rich in isoflavones (very similar to estrogen-compounds). It may help to make your bust bigger if it would be mopped up in rather impressive quantities, but anyway it’s better than nothing.

Exercise, exercise, exercise…

Exercise is a key word to success when speaking of toning up bust. If to speak of sports the best way to make your bust bigger is swimming. But if you haven’t enough time for doing sports I can offer you a couple of effective exercises which will help to strengthen your breast muscles.

Pressure is all that you need to tone up your breast and therefore make your bust bigger. One of the best exercises to score success is pressing against wall, as if you are trying to budge it. Do a set of 10 repetitions, 2-3 times a day.

To do the next exercise, extend your arm in front of your body at a ninety degree angle. And then with the help of the other arm, force the extended one while feeling slight contraction at breasts’ side. Do a set of 10-15 repetitions for each arm.

Good luck and remember, nothing is impossible to a willing mind!

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