Drinking water – good or bad? Part II

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Last time we spoke about why drinking water is so important. Now let’s talk about standards and norms of consuming it.

The formula that allows you to calculate the optimal amount of liquid you need to live is simple enough: 40 gr of water for 1 kilo of body weight.

One should increase this amount by 1-2 glasses when:

  • visiting a sauna;
  • enriching the ration with protein;
  • drinking coffee or strong drinks;
  • smoking;
  • breast-feeding;
  • breathing hard (exercising, climbing).

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While everything seems so simple some complications might occur. If you’re used to drink up to 3.5 litres of water (tea, juice, kefir, etc.) daily instead of 2.5 litres and you have healthy kidneys you need to worry about nothing. However, be careful – your extreme thirst can be a symptom of a whole set of serious diseases, for example, pancreatic diabetes or hormonal disorders. Besides, you may need to visit endocrinologist if you notice swellings or bags under your eyes in the morning.

Some people can drink too much while for others having even a glass of water can be difficult. When people from the latter group force themselves to drink they can experience palpitation, pant and much discomfort. If this is true about you it is necessary to see a cardiologist and endocrinologist. In case these doctors prove you’re healthy you should increase your average daily dose by a half of a glass a day or once in two-three days. While doing that watch your organism. It will tell how to proceed. Theoretically it can get used to a new norm within a week or two.

You might probably hear that water boosts metabolism. This means the one who drinks lots of liquid will gain less weight from meals. And cellulite develops less frequently.

If after reading this post you’ve decided to drink as much as possible we advise you not to rush as large amount of water removes valuable macro and microelements and disturbs water-salt balance.

The first element that is washed off the organism is potassium. And if you have a water-salt imbalance you’ll also experience the lack of sodium which holds the liquid in.

If you want to lose weight drink more water (don’t abuse mineral water though, it is healing) and take light diuretics which don’t wash off potassium so intensely. Besides, it would be wholesome to take vitamin C, iron and magnesium.

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