Cellulite Dissolves in Bath

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You’ll find thousands excuses to not to do the morning exercises (whether you don’t have time or strength), you can also excuse the aversion to the diets (ultimately it can really be harmful for your health), you can not visit the cosmetologists and masseur (it can be just expensive)…

Cellulite Dissolves in Bath

But if you are sitting in the bath, then you have finally found the time. It’s the right time to get rid of the flab and your “mother-laziness” won’t notice it.

At the beginning you should “pave the way” massaging and prickling the problem cellulite areas. The effect of massage can be intensified by the right chosen herbal, oily or salty bath additives. Lavender, rosemary, mint, sage, citrus plants promote the cellulite removing and muscles toning up.

You should take a bath for no less then 20 minutes to warm up the cellulite places. After that you should start massaging them staying in water. But take into account that when you massage the belly zone you should strain its muscles.

Rub your problem areas with a terry wisp of bast, mat or special anti-cellulite brush (thighs – bottom up, stomach – clockwise) until you feel the real burning.

Take a break for 5 min and then go to the most important and the most effective part of the bath massage – tingling.

With the help of thumbs and forefingers of the both hands catch a skin fold together with the hypodermic fat. Devote 8-10 minutes of prickling massage for every cellulite-suffered area. After the procedure, take a shower and then apply some special body milk onto the skin.

The hardest thing is to start doing something but the result is obvious!

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