Celine Dion’s Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Secret

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Besides that Celine Dion ventured to give birth to her adorable twins at 41, she also got her pre-pregnancy gorgeous shape just five months later. Wonder how 42-year-old singer succeeds in looking so svelte? Keep reading to learn Celine Dion’s post-pregnancy weight loss secret.

Celine Dion’s Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss Secret

Celine Dion gave birth to twins Nelson and Eddy with her husband René Angelil in 2010 at the age of 41, but it didn’t prevent her from getting back into her shape, slimming down to size two, just five months later. You wouldn’t believe but the only secret to her oh-so-quick post-pregnancy weight loss is BREASTFEEDING:

You get busy with twins and you feed them so they help you to recover very fast. So I helped them help me.

Celine claimed.

Moreover, Celine Dion has a very busy work-schedule and amazing genes that help her to get back to her pre-pregnancy shape like a dream.

Furthermore Celine Dion admits that she never minds her weight is…

It’s not important. I’m not a model. I’m not there to wear a size 2 or 0 or 4. I’m going to find the dress that’s going to fit the body at the time. But it happened to be that the weight loss happened very rapidly. And genetically, I’m very lucky too.

Well, we just have to be glad for her sake, as Celine Dion looks absolutely amazing!

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