Balanced Diet from Mariah Carey

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Always chic, glam and hot! And she simply can’t do it the other way. That’s right – it’s Mariah Carey. In fact, she does a lot to maintain her current weight as her body is inclined to fat.

The All I Want For Christmas Is You singer admits she has to watch her diet and is careful to balance out her food groups, as well as undertaking regular exercise.

Mariah Carey

She said:

“My diet consists of not a lot of oil or butter and eating starch separate from protein – so if I have rice, I can’t have meat at the same time. I also do water aerobics, swimming and Pilates.”

The 40-year-old beauty feels ok about not being a size zero ever.

She said:

“I think people should be whatever size they naturally are. I’m happy at the size I’m at now. And size zero? That’s never been a reality for me because of my butt and boobs.”

Pretty realistically:

“A size zero is not really healthy, unless it’s natural for someone’s body type. But to starve oneself to obtain that, that’s just not realistic. It’d be nice if society could just embrace all body types, but clearly we can’t.”

Being a married woman to a 10-years-younger hunk, Nick Cannon, Mariah lives her life taking all the best from it.

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