Ashlee Simpson’s Weight Loss Secret

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American pop songwriter Ashlee Simpson-Wentz recently said that she had an awesome time gaining weight when she was pregnant with her first child as she could eat lots of naughty food.

Ashlee Simpson's weight loss

The Little Miss Obsessive singer was enjoying the time when she carried her son Bronx (born in November 2008) feeling very relaxed with her eating regime.

Ashlee Simpson said:

“I gained 50 pounds, which was awesome! I ate cake and cupcakes. I had a blast!”

However, Ashlee got back her her super-slim figure with the help of Reebok EasyTone shoes, which claim to tone thighs and butts just by wearing them.

She told website E! Online:

“When I wanted to get back into shape, I worked out and these shoes are amazing because you can really feel them in your booty. But I also worked out and ate healthy.”

Being married to rocker Pete Wentz, Ashlee also admits that Bronx helps her to tone up making her move most of the time he’s asleep.

She said:

“I carry Bronx, and he’s 33 pounds so I get my workout in! I try to hit the gym for 30 minutes while Bronx is napping.”

Ashlee Simpson is slim and beautiful young mother.

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