Anna Kendrick’s Great Body Shape Tips

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The Twilight actress Anna Kendrick who plays Jessica Stanly in the vampire saga reveals her stunning body shape tips come to the exercises and yoga classes.

The Twilight star Anna Kendricks body shape tips

She said:

“Sometimes I just run or use the elliptical. I do yoga when I’m feeling good. I take a nice, long yoga class.”

Anna Kendrick admits that staying in shape is hard sometimes as she loves to indulge herself in everything she wants.

She said:

“I kind of eat anything, so I guess I have to work on that. But all in moderation. When I was in the UK, I had scones with clotted cream, which is like pure fat, but a lot of fat is delicious, so I couldn’t help myself.”

Despite the fact that the New Moon star Anna has a great body, she struggled to find the perfect dress for the Oscars when she was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in Up In The Air back in March this year.

She is quoted by website as saying:

“It’s been physically more uncomfortable than I expected it to be. You want your waistline to be just so, and I’m always trying to look taller than I am – so I’m always in something that’s a little snug or a little too tall.”

Follow the Twilight actress tips of maintaining the perfect figure, and you’ll see the results!

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