20 Ways to Lose Fat

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How many times do we look in that mirror and see all the minor imperfections, that takes us back in our self-esteem! However, if you want to lose fat, today is your lucky day – because we are about to discuss twenty ways of losing it! Follow the instructions, and get motivated for change!

Losing Fat Tips

20 Best Tips on Losing Body Fat

So, are you ready for the mind blowing tips that will not only help you to get rid of the fat but also boost up your body and make you fill fit and amazing? So here it goes!

20. “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”

Don’t try to be spontaneous when it is about your body! You most certainly need to have a plan, and the more specific it is, the better. Set long term goals and short term goals for a week, and constantly check the results.

19. “Life is more than your diet”

If you have chosen to go on a diet, make sure that your organism is completely okay with it. If you go too strict with yourself, you will end up failing, as your body will not make it.

Losing Fat Tips

18. Sleep is Essential

The scientists say that sleeping less than 7-8 hours a day forces your body to eat more. The body reacts to the stress, and it thinks that you are in danger and must build up fat. Moreover it slows down your metabolism, and this what you don’t want.

17. Eat Healthy Snacks

When you choose to take a snack, make sure it is healthy! No chips, and other fat containing products. The researches state that average snack contains up to 600 calories, as opposed to 300 calories thirty years ago.

16. Keep Track of What You Eat

Writing down what you eat is very important, it will give you the sense of how much junk food you consume and the effects it has in terms of calories.

Losing Fat Tips

15. Move Regularly

It is sad, but no matter how hard you will try, without movement – you won’t achieve anything. You need to be more active, so try out new hobbies and sports!

14. Don’t drink Soda

Soda beverages, as you know contain a lot of sugar and therefore, they are really heavy in calories. If you are thirsty – drink pure water or green tea.

13. Cheat Day Alert

If you are on a diet, it is essential for you to plan a day when you can cheat on your diet. This way your mind will get a gratification for all the efforts you put it through.

Losing Fat Tips

12. Heavy Weight Lifting

Some specialists say that the fastest way to lose fat is to lift the heavy weights. Yes, of course the calories burn faster, but you can’t be sure how much weight you can actually lift without hurting your muscles! So be careful and contact a specialist.

11. Be in the Community

When you are on a hard journey of becoming a new you, it is always important to have the support. The family should know about the changes you go through, as they see you every day and they will stand up for you!

10. Try Different Workouts

If the workout program you follow now seems as a routine, try introducing something new to it. It is good to alternate cardio and resistance training in a circuit, for instance.

Losing Fat Tips

9. Reduce the Carbs

This is one of the easiest ways to lose fat. Replace the familiar pasta, rice and bread with fruits and vegetables. They have fewer calories and it doesn’t matter how much you eat them!

8. Be simple with Tools

Remember to change your body, you don’t need millions of dollars, you simply need motivation. If you are simple with tools, even the cheapest jump rope can be effective.

7. Avoid Resting While Exercising

This is essential, when you are trying to give your body a shock with many movements. The more you rest, the less fat you burn.

6. Fasting

This is really controversial, but is advised by many specialists as beneficial for your health. So, if you feel like it, fasting might be helpful.

5. Eat Fat

Well, just because you want to get rid of fat, doesn’t mean that your body doesn’t need it. The normal amount of fat should be maintained, so figure out how much your body needs and eat it!

Losing Fat Tips

4. Proteins Rule!

Proteins are helping your body to burn more calories, while maintaining the muscle tonus. Plus you don’t feel hunger for a longer times, when you are eating protein.

3. Drink Water

Yes, water is essential in boosting the process of change. Just make sure that you drink pure water, instead of carbonated water. Water can also fill your stomach, so you would eat less.

2. Reward yourself

Whenever you have achieved a small victory in that battle, reward yourself with little treat. If you want it to be a meal – choose light fruits, however it is best to reward yourself with something else.

Losing Fat Tips

1. Time Heals

Time is what you need to give to yourself, so be patient and the desired body shape will be yours!

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