5 Tips for Tired Eyes’ Treatment

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In fact we all are familiar with the eye exercises even paying no attention to it. When we feel our eyes’ tension we try to take a break and to focus our eyes on something pleasant and soothing.

Eye Exercises

Though there are some scientifically approved eye exercises that can easily turn back your good eyes.

Exercise #1

When you feel your eyes getting tired, divert them from the monitor or something you work with. Roll the eyes. Turn them to the left and right, then up and down.

Eye Exercises

Try to do these exercises for 3-5 minutes.

Eye Exercises

That’ll be enough to tone the eye muscles up.

Exercise #2

Screw up your eyes and then open them as widely as you can. Do it intensively for 2-3 minutes.

Exercise #3

Fix your eyes on the nose tip and then close them giving them the relaxation period for 2-3 minutes.

Exercise #4

Take turns in winking by your left and right eyes. Practice it for 3 minutes or less. Don’t over do with it.

Exercise #5

Close your eyes and put your forefinger on the closed eyelids. Then massage them producing rolling movements clockwise and counterclockwise. Don’t press the eyeball too hard. All you have to do is light massage.

Blue Eye

Eyesight is the treasure you were gifted! So try to keep it as long as it’s possible. It’s so great to see the blue sky and green grass and flowers’ beauty around you!

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4 Responses to “5 Tips for Tired Eyes’ Treatment”
  1. Lara Says:

    printing all the day long, i feel my eyes burning! that’s so painful! i’ll try to practice these eye exercises. thanks.

  2. Beauty Able Says:

    I get lots of eye strain so i will need to try some of these, i have very tired and red eyes today in fact.

    Thanks for the tips.

  3. sri Says:

    hey my eyeballs has gone inside the socket……can you tell me how get back my normall wide eyes

  4. poonam Says:

    it was really helpful .. worked for me .. tx

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