Well-Groomed Knees

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It happens that when you see a woman you can’t estimate her real age (a woman should look much younger than she is). But there are always some peculiarities that betray our real years – neck, elbows and knees.

The time works badly for the knees and there fat deposits appear around the joints as well as coarse and rough skin, and deformed kneecap. To keep the knees well-groomed without obvious indications to aging, you should find time to take proper care of them while cherishing other parts of your body.

Well Groomed Knees2

Physical trainings

Every single day your knees get a huge workload. We go up the stares, bend, run, go with heavy bags – all these and many other motions require the work of our knees. If you don’t pratice any special knee gymnastics, they will give you pain signals soon and will look worse and worse year by year. Meanwhile, the exercises are quite simple.

1. Put the feet together and lean your palms against the somewhat bent knees. Make 15-20 rotatory movements with your knees to the left and to the right sides. Repeat 4 sets. Then do the same exercise with widely parted legs.

2. Lift your leg on to the supporting place (choose any one that will provide you the right angle between the lifted leg and the floor). Bend and unbend the leg left on the floor 15-25 times, then change the legs and keep bending. Do the same exercise standing on the toes. You can lift the legs in any direction you want (toward, to the side, backward).

3. Stand on one leg and perform the lifting on tiptoe 15-25 times by turns. Put the weight to the hands to make this exercise more effective.

Well Groomed Knees

Cosmetic procedures

In addition to the physical practice it’s very wholesome to apply the special creams on the knee areas. Such creams improve the skin texture due to the ingredient complexes included, restore its softness and smoothness as well as fighting against cellulite around this zone.

Don’t forget to have some preventive peeling for your knees one time a week. Put some scrub onto the knees while take a bath and peel off the rough skin layer with circular moves. Then wash it away with warm water and apply some nourishing cream.

Don’t miss one more thing! Put the feet cream on to the knees either after every evening shower.

Here are some more easy homemade recipes to help keeping the knees strong and healthy.

  • Vessels and joints feel better after you take this tasty mixture every morning on an empty stomach. Grind 1 lemon, 0.5 root celery, and a head of garlic and add 2-3 tbsp honey into it. Stir the components well. This helps to drive out the excessive salt in the joints and remove the knee edemas.

Well-Groomed Knees

  • To warm up the knee joints, ligaments and clean them out of the salt, use the following remedy. Take 3 tbsp eucalyptus dry leaves and draw it for 2 weeks in 16 oz alcohol. Shake it up from time to time. Rub this one into the bad or tired joints and leave it there for the whole night covered with some warm cloths. If you take 1 oz cowberry (on sale in any drugstore) put it into the 16 oz alcohol and let it brew for 21 days in a sunless place, you’ll get a wonderful curative product for all the joints.

Do you agree that there are so many things we should take care of. Sometimes it’s hard to embrace everything, but if not we, then who’ll do this to us?

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