Obese mothers responsible for kids’ obesity

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The problem of obesity will soon turn into a catastrophe if doctors and nutritionists don’t find a healthy way to lose excess weight.

A new reserch has been conducted in medical centers in New York and Quebec. The results were impressive in the negative sense of this word. According to the study an obese mother’s womb may send a signal to their unborn baby that encourages them to grow into a fat child and adult. Scientists haven’t found a biological explanation for the signal yet but say it influences the real life of a baby significantly.

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Some experiments were made on mice in Houston on the same theme. Robert Waterland of the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston speculated the signal between an obese mother-mice and its offspring could affect the child’s brain circuitry and predispose them to making more fat-storing cells. This might probably be true for people as well.

Dr John Kral of the SUNY Downstate Medical Centre in New York led a research that revealed the fact that obese women can help the next generation by losing weight just before pregnancy.

Together with researchers at Laval Hospital in Quebec, Dr Kral studied children of severely obese women who were born before or after their mother’s weight-loss surgery.

It was found that children born after surgery were less prone to gain excess weight than those who were born before the surgery. Besides, the after-surgery babies showed lower levels of blood fats and indicators of future diabetes.

The specialist suggests that it was the surgical bypass operation that made the women’s bodies less efficient at digesting and absorbing food, and lowered levels of sugar and fat in the blood. This, in turn, reduces the number of calories delivered to the foetus to levels like those provided by a normal-weight mother.

All this can sound horrifying but once scientists identify the obesity signal, they may be able to recommend ways to suppress it, perhaps through diet or behavioral strategies. All the experts can do now is to recommend obese women to lose weight before they get pregnant as obesity in pregnancy raises the risk of complications like diabetes, caesarean deliveries and stillbirth. Hope the situation will change soon.

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  1. melissa Says:

    I do feel like parents are responsible for your children obesity. We are their to be a mentor to them. help them be the best person as possible.

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