How To Get Rid Of Double Chin Easily

Getting rid of a double chin without surgery is possible. All you have to do is exercise your facial muscles. By smiling, chewing, and opening your mouth wide you can achieve great results.

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Many women face the problem of a double chin thinking there is no way to get rid of it other than surgery. But there is another solution that doesn’t require going under knife and costs nothing but a few minutes of daily exercise. Here is what you should do:

Watch you posture! Everything depends on the right posture. Even if you naturally don’t have a double chic slouching can help you develop it. And if you already have the double chin poor posture can make it even worse. So, make sure you stand and sit straight.

Smile! Smile is a confidence-boosting thing and a great healer of bad moods. But it has the physiological effect, too. When you smile your face muscles tighten, so a repeated exercise will tone up your chin. The wider the smile the better the result is.

Control your diet! I’m not asking you to live on vegetables only but you can make your diet healthier by cutting on sweets and pastry and adding fruit instead. (Read more about a healthy diet.) This is a good thing to both improve the look of your chin and the state of the entire organism.

Kiss the ceiling! You don’t have to actually kiss the ceiling. What you should is to stand up and tilt your head back so your face is pointed toward the ceiling. Then pucker up as if you were blowing a kiss at your ceiling. Keep that pose for around 5 seconds, then release. Do this exercise 5-10 times. Use your lips only, the rest face muscles should stay lax. It will work on the excess chin fat.

Rotate your head! It’s easy and useful and helps to get rid of a double chin. You can do it while sitting or standing, the point is that you should keep your back straight. Start rotating and twisting your head from one side to the other, from shoulder to shoulder. Don’t do it fast, be gentle, and keep control. Slowly and steadily work your way up so that you’re doing complete rolls with your head. Roll your head to either side, five times will be enough.

Open your mouth! This is the easiest exercise that can be done anywhere. Just open up your mouth as wide as it is possible. Hold it this way for around 10 seconds.

Chew Gum! I know it sounds weird but chewing gum (or anything) can help you get rid of your double chin. While chewing you make your facial and jaw muscles move constantly. Besides, chewing will sharpen up your jaw line.

That’s all! These tips are very helpful. Just don’t get lazy and exercise!

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