Celebrity Hairstyles – Jennifer Aniston

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Celebrities are the ones to watch when it comes to creating your next hairstyle.  They do, after all, have the world’s top stylists at their beck and call.

Celebrity Hairstyles - Jennifer Aniston

Just because a certain hairstyle looks great on your favourite A-list celeb, however, doesn’t mean it will look the same on you.  If you are looking into a brand new style, look to a celeb that shares a similar bone structure to yourself – don’t just concentrate on the hair style.

How to Get Jennifer Aniston’s Hairstyle

Celebrity Hairstyles - Jennifer Aniston

One of the most sought after celeb hairstyles is Jennifer Aniston’s luscious locks. Her constantly evolving style has been popular with fashionistas for many years, ever since her first appearance on the hit TV show, ‘Friends’.

Jennifer’s style is completely inspiring and a favourite of many.  Her look is both casual and low-fuss.  In order to achieve such a style, you should begin by asking your hairdresser to create long and subtle layers in your locks.  These should be positioned around the front and sides of a medium length look.  The added layers will work to add texture to your hair as well as to frame the face.  This is a great look for those with a rounded face shape.

Celebrity Hairstyles - Jennifer Aniston

Styling this look is very simple and quick.  First blow-dry the hair and then style accordingly: use ghd hair straighteners for best results and style the layers inwards in order to frame the face completely.  Finish with a product that boosts hold and shine in order to keep the look in place all night long.

The styling time required is approximately 30 minutes.  This is a great look for those that desire hassle-free locks on a daily basis.  It is also a style that goes with just about anything and everything dress wise.

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