Yves Saint Laurent Launches New Opium

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Yves Saint Laurent launched the new fragrance called Belle d’Opium (June 17, 2010).

Yves Saint Laurent launches revolutionary new belle d'Opium

The launch of YSL’s scent was followed with the launch party in New York visited by Alexa Chung, Alexandra Richards, Alexis Bledel, Ashley Olsen, Byrdie Bell, Katie Lee, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Melanie Thierry and Whitney Port.

The modern Belle d’Opium differs from the original-1977-fragrance. The event featured a performance by the French actress Melanie Thierry, who appears in the fragrance’s TV spot.

Yves Saint Laurent’s modern launch of the fragrance was complete with iPads available for guests to post comments on the Belle d’Opium‘s webpage.

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