Women Trousers Size Increased by 4 Inches in 40 Years

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The new study revealed that the pair of average women’s trousers became 4 inches bigger than it was 40 years ago. The size 10 increased from 24 inches in 1975 to 28 nowadays.

And the problem is not in the waistline, but in the hips size. The researchers found that the average hip size has enlarged by 3 inches during the same period of time.

The results of the research means that those women who have now size 10 would have had to buy trousers of size 14 back in 1975, and the ones who wore size 14 then would have to opt for the size 18.
The fashion experts admit that clothes manufacturers have stretched sizes out during the last four decades in order to conceal the fact women’s parameters have increased.

Gemma Seager from Retro Chick fashion blog illustrated the tendency as “vanity sizing”.

She told the Daily Express:

There’s definitely an element of trying to flatter women who are going to be delighted if they fit into a smaller dress. If you look back you can see a gradual change decade by decade, so someone who wears a modern Size 10 would be a Size 12 from the Eighties, a 14 in the Seventies and a 16 to 18 in vintage clothing from the Fifties. Retailers know it’s a bonus if a woman finds an item she likes and it’s a smaller size than she generally wears.”

The same lot hadn’t affected men though since their trousers size is measured in inches.
From one side this “vanity sizing” allows women feel slimmer and thus self-confident, but the problem of sizes varying from one clothing brand to another has appeared.

Mr Seager admits that the tendency of frequently changing sizing standards makes it complicated for women to find out what size to buy when the size 10 in one brand equals to size 12 in another.

The constant confusion with sizing system has promoted Seager to start the Campaign for Clearer Clothing Sizes that urge the clothing retailers to write exact measurements on labels and place sizing charts online.

She said:

Most women don’t care that much what size is on the label as long as the garment fits them well.”

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One Response to “Women Trousers Size Increased by 4 Inches in 40 Years”
  1. Stephanie Anderson Says:

    When I was pregnant my trouser size increased by four inches! But in all seriousness, it is unfortunate that the size scales have increased…unusually deceptive, especially for those women who really monitor this sort of thing.

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