Woman on The Wrong Side of Thirty

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To look truly awesome and win everyone’s admiration when you are 20 is easy. When you are 30 – or thanks to the results of some efforts and self-discipline, when you are 40 – it is an art.

Lots of 40-year-women are sure that the world has been created for youth only – hence it is followed by all their problems and hangups.

Demi Moore for Versace

Fortunately, the situation changes, and nowadays there are more and more women of “elegant age” who don’t hide their age and don’t consider wrinkles as a problem any longer.

At this stage of life women often face with the crisis – in private life, family, kids, or problems connected to physical changes in organism.

Andie Macdowell for Loreal

But this is the exact time when women discover themselves from the very beginning, and start a new phase of their life. Independence and inner freedom are the resources to take care of themselves and embody the cherished dreams.

If there can be a vogue for the definite age, today it’s the most disputable point for sure.

Europe is the leader in this tendency. Women of “elegance age” beautify magazine covers, ad campaigns and walk the runways for the best fashion designers. The vogue for the over-40-year-old-women has captured Europe so that the first sui generis model agency has been founded in France this year.

It contracted the models of age ranging between 45 and 85! World famous brand Dove has got involved dumplings, grey-haired women in the ad campaign who look no less attractive and sexual than young stereotyped models.

Susan Sarandon for Revlon

Celebs don’t dawdle as well establishing fertile ground for new age trend. That’s not a hard task to marry a young hunk but to get a privilege of a spokesperson for a reputable brand is a much more serious task. However, Demi Moore advertises Versace in her 42, Sharon Stone being 47 works for Dior, Andie MacDowell, 47 either, participates in shoots for L’Oreal, Susan Sarandon has set up a record after becoming a face of Revlon in 58.

Today every cosmetic brand offers a huge variety of anti-aging products – for face, neck, eyelids, lips, hands, bust and so on.

To decode the ingredients of anti-aging shampoos, toners and peelings you need at least a specially orientated dictionary but the essence comes to one point: “don’t waste time to keep yourself young” or “trick the time”. As a result, a woman acquires the complexes if she looks 40 and not 20 being 45 years old after all the efforts she’s taken.

Sharon Stone for Dior

However, truly self-sufficient women confess that they enjoy their mirror reflection of this exact age as they have got style, refinement and luster which they didn’t have when they were 20.

For example, several years ago Hollywood gave only 8% of roles to the actresses older than 35. But now, the standards change: the image of a beautiful aging woman enraptures audience much more.

Jane Fonda and Jamie Lee Curtis for magazine covers

Jane Fonda appeared on Good Housekeeping cover at 67. Moreover, she refused any Photoshop airbrushing. The same did Jamie Lee Curtis, 47, when posing for the cover of More magazine in underwear.

And it’s only the beginning of the new epoch that women’s age turns from the enemy into the honor.

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