Winona Ryder Found Beauty Elixir

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Winona Ryder is one of the celebs who keep her beauty the same since Heathers and Reality Bites. How can be that? Has she known the secret of beauty or just found the youth elixir?

Her make up artist on the upcoming film Stay Cool and friend Kim Collea tells People:

“She hasn’t aged and let me tell you, she has had absolutely nothing done. She is a very healthy eater, and I think that is a big part of it. It sounds boring, but the girl eats a lot of salads. And you know those giant Big Gulps cups that most people fill with soda? She’s got hers filled with water.”

Winona Ryder Found Beauty Elixir

The 37-year-old actress watches not only her meals of course but her make up new preferences either. Nowadays you can’t see those striking eyes of hers as she changes her image to a minimal make up and natural looks.

Kim Collea added:

“When it comes to Noni, less is always more. With her I did a mix of Neutrogena, Chanel, and this stuff called Alison Raffaele a natural line. She likes everything to be natural. Her palette is all ivories, and beiges and very light browns.”

There is one more thing that she magically keeps along her anti-aging beauty – her attraction of the perfect accessory.

“She has the most amazing handbags,” says Collea. “Designers send them to her. They are beautiful.”

P.S.: Water is a great life source. Winona knows it. And do you?

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