Weather helps to keep strong nails!

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Lucky are those who live in places where the humidity per cent is 55 as their nails can grow strong and long. Scientists have discovered that this is the perfect weather condition for growing long healthy nails. However, if the humidity is any higher or lower nails can be too bendy or brittle.

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Stephen Eichhorn, from Britain’s Manchester University, said:

We have found that fingernails cope remarkably well over a range of humidities, but it is best not to get them completely dry or completely wet.

At an average of 55 per cent humidity, which is what you would experience normally, it appears that nails have optimum mechanical properties and resist bending.”

Roland added:

The mechanical properties of fingernails are important because of their impact in preventing damage and in maintaining their appearance.”

The experts spent months looking at different nails to ascertain the effect weather systems have on them. After knowing the weather impact the scientists might come with some solutions on brittle nails problem.

This research is not the first time the experts have studied weather effects on beauty. Hope it isn’t the last one either!

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