Watch out, Justin Bieber! Selena Gomez to Launch her Signature Fragrance

Selena Gomez has decided to follow her boyfriend’s lead launching her own signature fragrance. So watch out, Justin Bieber, your girlfriend is going to leave you in dust with her own signature fragrance.

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Watch out, Justin Bieber! Selena Gomez to Launch her Signature Fragrance

Selena Gomez is announced to launch her signature fragrance. Having followed in the footsteps of her famous boyfriend Justin Bieber, Selena collaborated with the celebrated lifestyle line to launch her own perfume. Read on to learn what we’ve found out of the first Selena Gomez’s ‘fragrant experiment’.

As it turned out, Selena signed a fragrance license agreement with Adrenalina, sports and lifestyle line that by the way also a tyro at producing fragrances.

Adrenalina, an extreme sports and adventure-themed lifestyle brand, today announced its plans to expand their identity and enter the world of fragrances… Adrenalina alongside Gomez will develop, manufacture, and distribute the singer and actress’s fragrance throughout the world.

Selena’s first fragrance is set to be released in the spring of 2012. That is how she comments her new experience:

I’ve been working on my fragrance for almost a year now. I’m excited, (because) it’s something I’m interested in… I’m already doing the whole process of smelling things and designing it and the campaign and everything, so it’ll be fun.

Well, we can’t wait to see what would come out. How do you think whether Selena Gomez’s fragrance would appear as successful as Bieber’s Someday? So, faites votre jeu!

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