Victoria Beckham’s Right Hair Style!

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What a surprise! Finally Victoria Beckham has made the right hairdo! It’s lively and refreshing. It looks like this tousled shoulder-length one turns her image into the relaxed and confident.

Victoria Beckham's Right Hair Style1

The 35-year-old pop-star-turned-fashion-designer unveiled her new look during a trip to see the LA Lakers basketball team with husband David, 34, and sons Romeo, seven and four-year-old Cruz.

One of the UK’s leading celebrity hairdressers – Lee Stafford, said of Posh’s new look:

“It’s nice to see her relax a little with her image. Her features have a tendency to look quite angular but this is much more of a gentle style and helps soften her face. You finally feel as though she has found her niche in life and is no longer hiding behind a series of eye-catching, chameleon-like styles.”

Victoria Beckham's Right Hair Style

“There’s no doubt that when Victoria embarked on a career as a fashion designer she has started experimenting more. Her choices included that platinum blonde crop and slick, almost-androgynous styles that screamed sophistication and helped her gain credibility with the fashion pack,” – said Lee.

The Posh Mrs Beckham looks much more feminine and natural confronting to the previous strict-teacher and doll-like styles.

“With Victoria you get the impression every style is meticulously thought out and planned. Even here when you can see from the tousled layers and long fringe that she is growing out a crop, she has gone for a big blow dry to give what could be a mumsy style a hint of glamour.”

What I like about her is that she never stops experimenting. What is going to be her next hair style?

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