Vicky Beckham about Her Gym Sessions

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Victoria Beckham is famous for her extreme (and I hope healthy) body shape but it hasn’t been given to her as a gift for her diligent behavior. She exercises seven days a week to avoid airbrushing.

Vicky Beckham for Emporio Armani Ad1

“I didn’t want to rely on retouching,” – she says in the December issue of British Harper’s Bazaar.

The family recent ads for Emporio Armani made someone feel suspicious if she was retouched.

“I wanted to look at those pictures in 20 years’ time and say ‘Wow, look — after three kids — I didn’t look bad,” Mrs. Beckham says.

But a Beckham confidante recently told US that the Posh lady has undergone three breast surgeries: two enhancements and a reduction (earlier this year).

Thankfully she hasn’t done anything to inject Botox for the present.

Victoria Beckham

“She has not had any botox or fillers,” the friend says. “She’s squeamish about things like that and doesn’t want to mess up her face.”

Her image is her business. Nothing personal.

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