Vera Wang: from Fashion to Beauty

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The fashionable wedding gown creator, Vera Wang, re-trained a cosmetics maker. That surely doesn’t mean Vera Wang is going from Fashion World to that Beauty Universe, but nevertheless in 2012 we will be lucky to witness Vera Wang’s regeneration from the Fashion diva to the Beauty one.

Vera Wang: from Fashion to Beauty

Vera Wang collaborates with Kohl’s to create her own beauty line, including makeup, skincare, bath, body and other beauty aids and beauty accessories that will be exclusively available at Kohl’s in 2012.

As part of my incredible partnership with Kohl’s, I will now be able to offer women all over America my own personal regimen for skincare and makeup.

Comparing her fashion experience to her new beauty world adoption, Vera Wang admits:

It is an easy, light, modern and effortless approach to beauty and creativity. Like fashion, makeup is also transformational. I love the artistry of makeup to accentuate, enhance or create a mood for any time of day or occasion.

But, you know, this isn’t Vera Wang’s first fashionable contribution to the beauty world products. She has already launched rather efficient fragrance range with ‘Gossip girl’ Leighton Meester being the face. Moreover there is a buzz around Vera Wang entering the world of workout regimen unveiling her own fashionable gym.

Well, no one could even assume that Vera Wang is sooo multi-gifted person. Starting from fashionable wedding gowns and going to beauty aids… that’s cool, I should say! Keep on moving…

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