Velds’ Prends Moi Slimming Perfume

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Slimming perfume, Prends Moi from Velds,  is the latest beauty innovation (gimmick?) created by Robertet to aid those who want to shed some extra pounds. The fragrance was “designed to slim with pleasure” and based “on extensive aromatherapeutic and ‘neurocosmetic’ research”. Including Betaphroline that triggers the release of B-endorphins the fragrance makes the weight fade away while sending ‘pleasure message’ to the brain.

Velds' Prends Moi Slimming Perfume

According to DailyMail a trial study conducted among women showed that over 70% of fragrance users didn’t feel the need to snack while wearing perfume and almost the same percentage felt pleasure while wearing it. Around the same number of respondents answered that the fragrance does affect their eating behaviour and 75% said the fragrance was pleasant and they would wear it everyday.

The fragrance consists of the top notes of bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin, middle notes of jasmine, ylang-ylang and lilac and base notes of musk, vanilla, sandalwood and patchouli. The slimming perfume contains low amount of alcohol and is packaged into a metallic bottle with a gold cap.

What do you think of Velds’ Prends Moi slimming perfume?

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  1. maria stella Says:

    where caN i BUY THE PERFUME

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