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Us Weekly is one of few magazines that survives and even prospers in the economy hard times. Now it expands offline as well. The magazine will publish the special bookazine Us Hair on August 21. It’s a 130-page guide with product recommendations, paparazzi photos and how-to-style information.


The smaller-sized title will be on newsstands for three months and have a price of $9.99. Wenner will publish around 450,000 copies of the special, which has no advertising. The material of Us Hair is a 30 percent of Us Weekly’s beauty and fashion make up content.

Primarily it was planned to publish Us Style, a quarterly style magazine this spring, but then Wenner shelved that project until at least 2010.

“In this challenging economy, any commitment to a long-term venture is challenging,” admitted Vicci Lasdon Rose, the magazine’s publisher.

Us Hair is the second magazine’s bookazine. The first was the “Twilight”-themed book of which 450,000 copies were done in the first printing and which just entered a second printing of 100,000 issues.

Wenner has plans for a second “Twilight”-themed issue in the fall. And the magazine is constantly looking for some other subjects it can expand into bookazines in the future.

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