Unusual Beauty Trends To Watch In 2016

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Rainbow hair that glows in the dark

Image via Instagram @lovelydotasia

Glow-In-the-Dark Hair

Back in the 70’s hair dye brand Manic Panic introduced the glow in the dark hair dye that resurfaces today at random and promises to become a trend so long as more rainbow hair people don’t go back to pastels completely and will continue experimenting with unnatural hair dyes.

Man braid trend

Image via Instagram @cody_soviar

Man Braids

Braid fame has transcended the gender restrictions and burst into men’s hair sidelining the notorious man bun. And it’s not just corn rows and plaits in men’s hair. There are French braids, rainbow braids, and even milkmaid braids and they look gorgeous as ever regardless the gender.

Heart contouring and makeup application method

Image via Cosmopolitan

Heart Contouring

Clown contouring took off for a while but as celebrities and runway artists both promote makeup-free look strobing became much more popular because it’s less noticeable in real life and doesn’t give you the look of trying hard. But it doesn’t mean contouring is out of the picture completely as stars like Kim Kardashian won’t likely to give it up that easy or at all prompting others to follow in suit. And so, here is another approach to contouring as conceived by Nudestix creators Ally and Taylor Frankel. Heart contouring seems more fun and easy as well as less noticeable than regular contouring. See how it’s done:

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