Unidentified Fragrance Object by Kenzo

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Kenzo fragrance containers have always been unusual, more of that – they have been little works of art! And, to tell you the truth, I’ve expected something really great for their new scent but what came out was fantastic!

kenzo ufo perfume

Unidentified Fragrance Object is a surprising thing. It is the result of collaboration of Kenzo with highly esteemed designer Ron Arad.

kenzo ufo fragrance

This is what is said in a press release about the perfume:

Kenzo’s newest fragrance for her, Unidentified Fragrance Object, will be unveiled this fall at the Museum of Modern Art in New York as part of the retrospective exhibition for designer Ron Arad. Arad was commissioned by Kenzo to create a vehicle for fragrance that breaks with traditional industry codes and evokes sensuality when in contact with the skin. The result – a hand-polished bottle made of Zamac (metal alloy) with a completely internalized spray mechanism.”

ron arad

Interesting, isn’t it? The fragrance, that is expected to be extremely popular, has been produced in a very limited edition of 1,000 and is available exclusively through Bergdorf Goodman and

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