Twilight Beauty Palettes

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Twilight Beauty is to launch palettes inspired by the saga lady characters. The brand founded with the founder of DuWop cosmetics, has already the product range encompassing more than 70 items.


After the cosmetic team successfully landed Twilight Lip Venom, it created two more lines of Twilight Beauty. Volturi Twilight will feature items such as Foreshadow eye shadow primer coupled with Labyrinth Shadows loose glitter dust.

The softer collection inspired by the women of the saga called Luna Twilight color palettes ($28) include eye blush, shadows, lip gloss and lipstick. They are to be launched Sept. 15 at Dillard’s, Nordstrom, and Twilight Beauty.

Bellasugar shares with us a sneak peek of the new DuWop Luna Twilight Beauty Palette line (from left to right).


Victoria is bold, with jewel-toned eye shadows, dark wine lipstick and gloss, and a cool-toned blush.

Rosalie features coral blush, shimmery peach eye shadows, and peachy-pink lipstick and gloss.

Bella features nude shadows, warm-toned blush, nude lipstick, and sheer cherry-red lip gloss.

Alice is colorful, with blue and silver eye shadows, rosy blush, and sheer hot pink lips.

I already stand in line for this make up line. What about you?

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