Three Celebs Who Change Their Hair This Week And One Lip-Enhancing Trick

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Serena Williams, Tyra Banks, and Kylie Jenner have something in common. At least since this week. Each of them changed their hair and all went for very different looks.

The tennis star Serena Williams usually sports her natural dark hair color, but this week she finally jumped on a rainbow hair trend with a bright green dye job with a beautiful ombre effect that looks amazing for spring summer season.

Rainbow hair

Tyra Banks isn’t a stranger to hair changes. This time she went for faux dreadlocks with curly blonde ends, which she debuted on her Instagram account alongside hot pink lipstick and dark eye makeup.

faux dreadlocks

Ever the chameleon, Kylie Jenner showed blonde hair a week after her midnight blue mane (wig?) on snapchat and also shared a trick for making her lips look bigger even after injections (common, you admitted to them already). Pouting. Yes, she pouts in the photos to make them appear even bigger and although while it is true and obvious, the sweet secret behind her now infamous lips might just be all of the three ingredients: the injections, the lip liner trick (Kim talked about it to explain enhancement), and pouting. There, we cracked it for ya.

Blonde hair

What do you think about these celebrity hairstyle changes?

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