These Three Celebs Are Launching Cosmetics Lines Soon

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Celebrity entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new lucrative avenues other than their primary field trying to get the most of their name brand. It’s no wonder Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Victoria Beckham are getting into cosmetics as it becomes more and more in demand just like the fast fashion.


Rihanna who’s already got a ‘fashion designer’ on her resume has decided to add a make up line to her Fenty brand, after all she already has some beauty business experience with MAC and her own fragrances. Fenty Beauty comes to Sephora shelves in 2017 and will be created together with Kendo that also helped produce Marc Jacobs’ make up line.

Katy Perry

Her fellow pop star Katy Perry decided to do something with CoverGirl, so that’s how the upcoming CoverGirl Katy Kat Collection came together. She says:

I wanted to push the envelope with CoverGirl. You know, a black lipstick or a blue mascara is very Tumblr—I told them, this is what’s happening online, this is what everyone’s Instagramming.”


The line that is supposed to launch in July includes 13 matte lipsticks, 11 of which are already available online at Walmart for pre-order. The shades range from black to purple to hot pink but also include light brown, crimson red, and coral.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham may be a famous fashion designer but there are so many other venues to conquer. She was just announced to partner with the master brand of sophisticated make up, Estee Lauder. After the success of her limited-edition nail polishes, Beckham decided to stick to exclusivity and go for one of the most glamorous of brands for help. The collection is out in September both online and in select stores.


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