These Innovative Beauty Marks Allow You To Finally Have Freckles

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Interesting times we live in. Innovations are numerous and exciting, but at times can also be quite peculiar. For example, if you have always dreamed to sport freckles now you can get the chance to do so by backing a Freck Yourself temporary solution to freckle having.

Beauty Marks That Look Like Real Freckles

Freck Yourself testimonial

The idea came to the developers back in 2010 and now after partnering with Cosmetix West (manufacturer of Philosophy) the product is ready for production in LA and will cost around $28.

The mechanis behind creating realistic freckles that will last up to two days is stencils and a self-tanner-like formula that goes over the stencil and your exposed skin, which creates a beautiful and natural-looking effect.

Using this method everyday will create a turly realistic layered pattern of freckles and one kit can last you around four or six weeks. The Freck Yourself campaign still has 23 days to go with the delivery date for almost all of its rewards in February 2016.

Freck Yourself application process:

Freck Yourself Step 1

Freck Yourself Step 2

Freck Yourself Step 3

Freck Yourself Step 4

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