Tea spray prevents skin cancer

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Scientists have proved that a spray made from green tea can protect your skin against cancer.

The results of the experiments, published in the journal Experimental Dermatology, have shown the spray boosts the skin’s in-built immune system and helps it to reduce the harmful effects of the sun’s ultraviolet light.


Scientists at University Hospitals Case Medical Centre in Cleveland, Ohio, said green tea’s beneficial effects can be explained by the impact of polyphenols, which are powerful disease-fighting chemicals.

Polyphenols are extracted from green tea and then mixed into a solution containing water and different chemicals.

The mixture was sprayed onto a small patch of skin of ten volunteers and then was exposed to ultraviolet light. In the result the skin sprayed with tea turned to be better equipped to resist cancer-related damage to cells.

Although sunscreens are often effective in protecting the skin, tea spray is said to help prevent the cellular damage that leads to cancer. And this is not only green tea that works this way, white tea has the same properties.

Scientists hope the spray will become widely used to reduce the number of those suffering from the horrible disease. By the way, the number of people in Britain diagnosed with malignant melanoma is over 10,000 a year.

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