Taylor Swift is New Face for CoverGirl

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Taylor Swift has been invited to be the new celebrity face for CoverGirl’s yet-to-be-revealed product line, which will debut next year.

Taylor Swift is the new face for CoverGirl

General manager for the brand, Vince Hudson told WWD:

“Taylor is beautiful and inspirational with an effortless-chic style, making her the perfect person to represent a new, luxurious collection of products debuting on Cover Girl next year.”

Swift will appear in television, print and in-store advertising. She explained her interest in CoverGirl:

“I like a natural look in my everyday life, when I’m going to the grocery store or hanging out at my house in Nashville. When I go onstage, I get to play with my look. So you get to play around with all these different characters, and I think that’s one of my favorite things about makeup- you can put on a new character,” the self-professed “make-up junkie.”

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