Taylor Lautner Hates Putting on Weight

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The Twilight star Taylor Lautner didn’t want to bulk up for the upcoming seguel as he hated having meals every two hours.

Taylor Lautner Hates Putting on Weight

The actor modified his diet and enlarged the exercise regime to turn his slim body physique into a Jacob’s one. Lautner was asked to eat everything he wanted but it wasn’t what he wanted.

He tells Star magazine:

“Most people were like, that sounds amazing, to be able to eat all the time, and it is at first. But after a year and a half of it, I mean, I have to put something in my mouth every two hours, so it becomes kind of annoying!”

Taylor Lautner New Moon Twilight

On his character growing bigger:

“My character is continually growing throughout the series, so I got about eight weeks off before I go back again for Eclipse and I’m going to be hitting the gym. Jacob will keep getting bigger and bigger until the end of the series. But, when we’re done with the Twilight films I’ll definitely bulk down and just get lean again because I don’t want to stay big and bulky.”

Taylor, darling, acting is hard. And good acting is unbelievably hard (remember Bridget Jones’s Diary)! Get used to the weight loss and weight gaining, it you want to be the best one.

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