Susan Sarandon for Plastic Surgery

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The Stepmom star Susan Sarandon isn’t against the plastic surgery. She says she doesn’t blame women for going under the surgeon’s knife and thinks everyone should be entitled to do what they want with their body.

Susan Sarandon for Plastic Surgery1

She said:

“I’m an advocate of women doing whatever they want to do for themselves. Women should have control over their bodies to do whatever they want to do. Some people have better taste than others, and some people get crazy about it.”

Last year, the 63-year-old actress admitted she was terrified of people who have had Botox because they look like they are wearing masks.

Susan Sarandon for Plastic Surgery

She said:

“You can see I haven’t had Botox or these lines wouldn’t be here, but when you do that it becomes very mask like and that frightens me. I have an advantage if I’m the only one that actually looks 60, then I’ll get all those parts because there won’t be any actresses that look 60 around.”

She looks great for her age. Do you agree?

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