Survey Showed That Half Of Women Don’t Like Their Makeup-Free Faces

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Survey Showed That Half Of Women Don't Like Their Makeup-Free Faces

A new survey by Harris Interactive for The Renfrew Center Foundation has showed that almost half (44%) of women use makeup to cover up imperfections. The survey of 1,292 US women showed that 44% of them don’t like their bare faces, and 48% think they look better with makeup on.

Half Of Women Admitted to Not Liking Their Makeup-Free Faces

The survey also showed that some women feel unattractive, self-conscious, and ‘naked’ without makeup. Also the respondents admitted to have begun wearing makeup at the age of 13.

Wearing makeup to enhance one’s appearance is normal in our society and often a right of passage for young women.

There is concern, however, when makeup no longer becomes a tool for enhancement but, rather, a security blanket that conceals negative feelings about one’s self-image and self-esteem. For many individuals, these feelings may set the stage for addictions or patterns of disordered eating to develop.

said Adrienne Ressler, national training director for the Renfrew Center Foundation.

The Renfrew Center Foundation is training professionals about treating eating disorders as well as raising awareness about them. The foundation has launched a campaign to promote natural beauty called “Barefaced & Beautiful, Without & Within” that will continue till March 3 to encourage women post a makeup-free photo of themselves on Facebook.

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