Suncreams below factor 15 to be banned

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Sun is both good and bad for our skin. On the one hand, no sun means the lack of vitamin D and lots of pleasure, but on the other hand, too much of the sun can lead to burns and skin cancer which is too often to occur in Britain todays.

Many people think that British sun isn’t too bright and can hardly affect their skin. This is absolutely wrong. With skin cancer levels on the rise, scientists as well as people themselves do feel worried. Many people use sunscreens daily but those are under 15 SPF and do not provide enough protection. They just give users the false reassurance that they are safe.


Cases of skin cancer have been rising faster than any other form of cancer in the UK over the past 20 years. And the deadliest form, malignant melanoma, now claims more lives here than in Australia.

As statistics show at present, 57 per cent of people never use sunscreen in Britain, while 60 per cent of those who do use it buy products with a SPF below 15.

Dr John Ashworth, a consultant dermatologist, said the problem had to be solved on Governmental level:

I think anything less than factor 15 is worthless,’ he said. ‘If you have only got a tiny bit on, and it’s a really hot day then the little protection it does give you will be quickly sweated off.

People underestimate the strength of the UK sun and at the first hint of a glimmer people rush outside and lie in it and get as pink as a lobster.

A lot of people think they might get a little bit burned and that’s that. However, lying in the sun unprotected is like someone smoking 80 cigarettes a day – it carries big risks.’

People do not know about the risk or underestimate it. Some don’t buy suncream because it is too expensive for them.

I do think that there is an argument for getting rid of VAT on sunscreen if only to make it more affordable for people,’ Dr John Ashworth said.

Besides, the doctor insists that children should be given free suncream at school.

I think we should look at making suncream available free to schools as getting children into good habits at an early age will stay with them,’ he said.

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