Star Wars Inspire Beauty Products

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With the new Star Wars comes a new beauty collection that is all about lips, tips, and lashes. CoverGirl with its creative design director Pat McGrath has designed a makeup line that will make you want Fall to come early. Seriously just take a look at those colors and they all come with the metallic shine.

Star Wars CoverGirl Makeup Collection

Stormtrooper by CoverGirl

Stormtrooper by Pat McGrath

McGrath as a franchise fan was truly inspired and created six beauty looks, the two of which have been already released. Stormtrooper and Droid look fantastic and we love the way lipstick looks on both. There are six amazing colors that include gold, silver, bronze, purple, berry, and lavender. They all come in pearlescent texture and nail polish like packaging.

The actual nail polishes though come in only three shades red, purple, and silver grey. Stylish and very autumnly.

Droid by CoverGirl

Droid by Pat McGrath

The collection’s released images show a plethora of mascaras, we hope colored ones.

The collection which will become available for sale in September is limited edition so be sure to grab something before it sells out. Then again movie makeup collections have become an ordinary addition to the release so it’s not exactly something out of the ordinary on the market and this one in particular is very quite specific in terms of colors and textures.

What do you think? Will CoverGirl’s Star Wars inspired collection be popular among general population and not just beauty bloggers? Would you buy their lipsticks not just for Halloween? Which one’s you favorite color?

The new episode of Star Wars – The Force Awakens comes out on December 18 this year with the original stars Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, and Carrie Fisher.

Lipstick by CoverGirl

Lipstick by CoverGirl

Nail polish by CoverGirl

Mascara by CoverGirl

Mascara by CoverGirl

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