Spray Paint Manicure Is Now A Thing

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Nails Inc. are known for exploring new textures with manicures but now they’ve gone a lot further. The nail polish brand has created a spray can full of nail color that can be applied as quickly and easily as regular spray paint and Alexa Chung is representing it.

Nails Inc. Paint Can Promises Fastest Manicure In The World

Nails inc. spray painting nails

They call it the fastest manicure in the world and it’s hard to argue that spray painting your nails practically all at once is fast enough but you’ll stil have to wipe away the excess of product that will inevitably color your fingers along with the nails.

Available in just two colors – Barbie pink and silver, color pigments which the brand claims cannot be replicated with regular polish.

Nails inc. say they made this product for those customers who are strapped for time but the way it works is by sticking to base coat.  And while applying a top coat is optional, it helps to prolong this manicure just like with the regular polish. Though flawless application might just sell it.

What do you think about the spray paint polish?

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