Solarium IS dangerous

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It sounds horrifying but tanning beds are very dangerous. According to the Associated Press, cancer experts had to reassess the danger of tanning beds as the results of the research over the influence of UV rays are not good.


It was revealed that those who attend solarium are prone to develop cancer no less than those who like lying on the beach without a sunscreen in the hottest time of the day.

Results of 20 studies show that the risk of skin cancer increases up to 75% when people start using tanning beds before age 30.

Despite the fact scientists had previously thought that only one type of ultraviolet radiation was lethal, now the research shows that all types of ultraviolet radiation cause scary mutations in mice. That confirms that all UV rays are carcinogens.

It is UV radiation that is used in tanning beds and is now known to cause skin and eye cancer. Besides, as number of visits to solarium has increased over the years in people under 30, one should be aware that melanoma (the most terrible skin cancer of all) is now the leading cancer diagnosed in women in their 20s, though previously it was considered to be most prevalent in people over 75.

So, my dear readers, be careful! Try to stay away from tanning beds and always wear a sunscreen when you go to the beach.

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