Sharon Osbourne Claims Fatness Is a Crime

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The Osbournes reality TV star, Sharon Osbourne thinks that there is no place in Los Angeles for fat people as they are blamed for it. Being fat is a criminal offence. Sharon plans to move from Los Angeles and return to Britain because she can’t stand how they treat overweight people.

Sharon Osbourne believes fatness is a criminal offence

She said:

“Los Angeles is not place to grow old. In England they encourage you to live individually. Here everyone wants to live the same. In Los Angeles it’s a crime to be fat. If you’re a drug addict people feel sorry for you, but if you’re fat you’re a criminal.”

The 57-year-old star has felt the pressure of undergoing the weight-loss surgery on her own back and that made her lose confidence in herself.

She said:

“That and all the other surgery, darling. Living out here you get very self-conscious about body-image and ageing. I’ve battled my right all my life. I got bigger to take up space and stand up to my dad. In the end I had to do something about my eating problem.”

And to restore the self-confidence and find some piece she wants to find home in Britain – she is a real doer! Her father, music manager Don Arden – who died three years ago – made her into a doer.

She explained to the Guardian newspaper:

“He always played hardball. Being around him made me into a strong woman, someone you f**k with at your peril.

She added:

“Thanks to him and thanks to my efforts, all my ambitions I have more than achieved. Everything I wanted to do I have done. He made me into a doer – someone with a strong work ethic, not a whiner. He made me what I am.”

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