See UV Light Effects On Skin In This Eye Opening Video

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We often hear about the dangers of the sun and its damaging effects on our skin. But it’s better to see once. Artist Thomas Leveritt has created a video showing people on the street how their faces look through a UV camera that shows yet invisible sun damage to skin. Freckles, wrinkles, and sun spots are among the most popular changes that happen to skin in ultraviolet light. The protection and skin aging prevention? Sunscreen and sunglasses, of course. Glass just like sunscreen act as block and are visible as black in a UV light camera.

UV Light Effects On Skin

UV light effects on skin

Allowing ultraviolet spectrum only this type of camera shows the damage done to skin even if it’s not visible to the eye.

The video clearly shows that the kids don’t have any freckles and sun spots yet so the earlier you’ll teach them to wear sunscreen the less damage there’ll be to their skin as they age.

It is a good reminder to all who want to keep young well into their 30’s, 40’s and further down the line – protect your skin against the sun. Sunscreen should become a part of your routine if you want to prevent wrinkles and other unpleasant sun exposure effects among, which is skin cancer.

Sunscreen should also be applied right and reapplied throughout the day as it only lasts a couple of hours at best. This is especially true about vacation. Being in and out of water, wiping off the cream with a towel make for poor protection, which is why sunscreen manufacturers encourage reapplication after water on their labels.

Show your friends and family to encourage them to wear sunscreen and sunglasses.

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