Second Skin Isn’t Merely An Expression Anymore

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Second skin

Marketers loves wordplay. “Feels like second skin”, I’m pretty sure I heard it more than once about some products, but the engineers from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) have created a literal second skin that can cover up wrinkles (by temporarily tightening the skin) and keep skin moisturized better than commercial moisturizer creams.

Made of a silicone-based polymer this breathable second skin is lasts up to 24 hours and has shown no adverse effects on subjects’ skin.

There needs to be more research conducted but right now the scientists are convinced that the second skin can “provide a barrier, provide cosmetic improvement, and potentially deliver a drug locally to the area that’s being treated,” said Daniel Anderson, an associate professor in MIT’s Department of Chemical Engineering.

This sounds like a neat alternative to botox, if we are talking beauty applications for the second skin polymer. And just look at what it can do to eye bags and skin discoloration. Is this thing better than a concealer or what?

second skin treatment result

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